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Web Cape offers websites in all sizes to suit your requirements, right from tailor-made, database driven websites with search facilites, Content Management Systems (CMS), shopping baskets and credit card payment facilities, to quick-but-professional, ready-made template websites that will get your business online in a couple of days for just R 999. Based on our extensive experience, we will advise you on the best solution for your business.

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  Custom Website Design & Development 

Custom Website Design & Development

Every business is unique and whenever possible we recommend designing and developing a tailor-made website to reflect this uniqueness and promote your brand in the most effective and professional way. We would be happy to provide you with our recommendations and a cost estimate for providing you with the ideal website solution for your business.

Costs vary greatly, but below we have listed some cost examples to give you a rough idea of what's involved:

Compact Website (3 pages)

  • Example Pages: Homepage, Services, Contact Us
  • Design: tailor-made
  • Technology: HTML static pages

Design & Development Cost: app. R 4,000 - 5,000

Standard Website (5-7 pages)

  • Example Pages: Homepage, About Us, Services, Gallery, Clients, Contact Us
  • Design: tailor-made
  • Technology: HTML static pages

Design & Development Cost: app. R 6,000 - 7,000

CMS Websites (client can update the website)

  • Includes everything in the Standard Website example, PLUS the ability to update some or all of the pages on the site
  • Design: tailor-made
  • Technology: HTML, PHP, My SQL

Design & Development Cost: app. R 13,000 - 16,000

Ecommerce Websites / Searchable Websites

  • Includes everything in the CMS Websites example, PLUS advanced functionalities such as a searchable database, shopping basket, credit card payment facility, etc.
  • Design: tailor-made
  • Technology: HTML, PHP, My SQL

Design & Development Cost: R 20,000 + 


  Ready-Made Website Templates  

Website Templates

Now and then a business needs to get a website very quickly and at very low rate, while still ensuring the result is professional. For this purpose, Web Cape have put together a small selection of ready-made website templates too chose from.

1-Page Website Templates - only R 999 !!!
Includes FREE 6 months hosting with up to 5 email accounts + FREE domain registration (
Note: after the 6 months free hosting is up, you can choose to continue the hosting at R 49 per month.
Your domain is renewable annually at R 299.
How can it be so inexpensive? What is the catch?
The main reasons we can offer our template websites at such a low price are:

1. Because the templates are ready-made, we save a lot of time we would normally spend designing a website from scratch

2. Because the design is fixed, there is no need for personal consultations, which saves us a lot of time
(this package offers full telephonic and email support, but if you would like to meet up in person, we charge you by the hour)

We can get your business on the net in just 2 days - just supply your logo, text and photos. All contact via phone and email (no personal consultation included).

The webpage includes:

  • a brief description of your business
  • a list of your your products/services
  • a couple of photos
  • your logo
  • your contact details

At an additional fee, we're happy to tweak the template for you, add further pages, change the colour scheme, etc.   Repair & Renovate
  • This site was put together using our standard ready-made website template
  • The template colour scheme was adjusted to match the clients orange/black branding
  • A second page was added with a comprehensive enquiry form

Contact us now for template options


  Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

It's essential to update your website on a very regular basis to make sure all information is current and return visitors get the impression that your business is proactive and "happening". In addition, frequent website updates is one of the keys to an effective search engine optimisation strategy aimed at improving a website's search engine rankings.

Website Maintenance Plans

Web Cape offers clients a range of website maintenance plans whereby we handle all their website updates at a fixed monthly fee. Website maintenance plans typically run for 6 months at a time and clients pay a reduced hourly rate.

Ad Hoc Website Updates

If you only need your website updated every few months, you can choose to simply pay-as-you-go at our normal hourly rate.

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